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Julie is an experienced helper whose forte is in taking care of children, and cooking. She first worked in UAE for 4 years, before coming over to Singapore. An independent lady, she is good in time management, coping with care-giving and household chores without effort.

Julie picked up cooking from her Indian-Filipino employer in Singapore. Her employer is releasing her for another employment as they would like the children to learn to be more independant. She is available for face to face interview with prior arrangement.

Single (31)
Ref: JC-Julie...
Upd on 15-Jan-17

Jennifer is a cheerful and diligent person. She has been working as a domestic helper with the same family since 2013. Throughout her employment, she has proven to be an efficient person, handling the daily chores and ensuring that the school-going children's welfare are well-taken care of. She cooked Chinese cuisines for the family, and is more than willing to continue working in Singapore. As her employer would like her teenager children to be independent, she would like Jennifer to seek another employer where her services will be more required.

Jennifer is available for face to face interview with prior arrangement.

Single (34)
Ref: JC-Jenni...
Upd on 04-Dec-16

Cherryl is a cheerful and pleasant lady who worked hard for her daughter.

Prior to Singapore, she was working in Kuwait for 2 years. Her employer has been happy with her performance on the whole. However, as employer wanted a great cook, both of them decided to end the contract earlier.

Cherryl is a motivated worker, and is diligent in her work. She is available for interview with prior arrangement.

Single (40)
Ref: JC-Cherr...
Upd on 26-Jul-16

Zenaida is a pleasant lady, who is serious about her work. She has been working for the last decade with the same employer, who is happy with her work and attidtude towards work. She speaks English well, and is good with housekeeping chores and cooking.

Her employer commented that she is not the playful type, adding that she is assured to have her in the household. Employer's children are now grown up, and she would lile to take the opportunity to let them be independant, and thus, is releasing Zenaida for another employment.

Zenaida would like to seek another family where she can be of assistance. She is available for interview with prior arrangement.

Married (47)
Ref: JC-Zenaida
Upd on 30-May-16
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